Halfway Home Rescue

Halfway Home Rescue


Meet The HHR Lifers

The HHR Lifers are our heart and soul. They are we we do what we do.

Here at HHR, we provide a soft landing for the cats who society has truly thrown away or forgotten about. These cats generally have complicated medical conditions that prevent them from being adopted. Our Lifer program has extended from the original three kitties to anywhere up to 33 cats at one time!

As of 2020, we have expanded the Lifer program to have a separate wing exclusively for Leukemia positive cats. To read about Feline Leukemia, click here. We generally do not get enough time with our Leukemia kitties- well, it's never enough time with any of our Lifers. But we do the best we can so ensure they want for nothing in the short time we get to spend with them. 

You can click here to see our current Leukemia Lifers.



Gunny is a beautiful senior Chow who has spent a good portion of her life with us after she was abandoned at a high volume municipal shelter. Gunny has Cerebellar Hypoplasia and so she spends a lot of her happy time spinning in big circles. She is truly a happy girl who enjoys pup cups, trips to the groomer and smooches when you can catch her. 


Lance is a handsome young man who led his foster on quite the merry chase. Lance was abandoned at a veterinary hospital and decided he DID. NOT. LIKE. his fosters one single bit. It's taken about a year, but Lance has finally found his place as King of the Rock in the Lifer House. Now he enjoys head scratches and regular meal times... on his own terms of course. 


Silas is a wonderful senior who came to us by way of a compassionate volunteer who was volunteering for another rescue at the time. Silas is a gentle soul who enjoys being brushed and greeting folks who visit the Lifer house. Silas has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. He has been living successfully with Triaditis successfully for over a year the time of writing this page. He is truly a fluffy, good natured warrior.


Nick has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and takes daily medication. Nick came to us off the street after being rescued by a kind community member in a rough neighborhood. He is a young man who loves the community of the Lifer program! 


Oscar was adopted by a volunteer of ours. Years later, when our paths had diverged, this volunteer decided to start a family and returned Oscar for "urinating inappropriately." On reexamination, we learned he has a grade 2-3 heart murmur and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. He has one medication he takes daily and has annual cardiac ultrasounds to maintain his equilibrium for now.


Thunder, Thundy, Thunderooooo was dumped in a feral colony that is well maintained. Thunder had other ideas - he decided he was going to be friendly, so he was scooped up by a friend of our rescue. We fully intended to get him ready for adoption, until we found out at his first vet exam that he had a serious heart murmur and was diagnosed with HCM like so many of our other cardiac cats. He is maintaining beautifully for just over three years at the time of writing this page. He is on eight medications a day and the life of the party in the Lifer house!


Adam is a young senior, a distinguished gentleman who we took on as a favor to a rescue. Upon receipt, our Founder went pale and drove him as quickly as legal to our doctor who diagnosed him as diabetic with hepatic lipadosis, both serious, life threatening problems that individually could have killed him. It took MONTHS of round the clock nursing to get him back up to snuff- but look at him now! Adam is living his best life as an HHR Lifer as we have our struggles now and again with his diabetes. We love him so much! 


Tammy. Oh Tamara. This girl... well, she's certainly not a lady, that much can be said! This sassy little punk entered HHR when her owners dumped her at the pound. Tammy has renal disease and hyperthyroidism, and managing her conditions has been an absolute challenge. She HATES taking her meds! Thankfully we’ve perfected a new routine and Tammy is living her best life and feeling pretty good. She’s still a jerk- she’ll swat you, bite you, and throw hands when she’s had enough. She grumbles and growls like a creature of enormous size. She has the cutest resting bitch face and decrepit old lady trot. We think she’s pretty great and we’re happy to have her here. 


Cooper Garcia came to HHR as kittens back in 2014. They were adopted quickly but returned because a child in the house was allergic. They were quickly adopted again and spent seven years in their home. Their dad passed away and mom couldn’t handle their daily care, including daily heart meds. Cooper has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. He takes daily medications and has cardiac work ups twice yearly. He’s a big dude with lots of spunk and brings some serious personality to the HHR Lifer House.  


If sweet and sassy warhead candy came in cat form... it would be the size and shape of Rusti! Rusti's owner died and she ended up back at a municipal shelter. Where she got the eartip before that.. we don't know. But we do know that she's a fantastic floof! This little cupcake is our resident clown. Rusti does not have an opening in her throat that would allow mucus and air to flow properly. Because of this, she gets frequent buildup and needs to have nasal flushes twice yearly under anesthesia. Rusti also has a permanent head tilt because of fluid buildup in her eustachian tube that caused a horrible ear infection and ruptured eardrum. Thankfully, Rusti has a team of good doctors to keep her healthy as possible.


HHR was asked to take Simone from a municipal pound because she was “mean.” We love spicy kitties here at HHR so it was an obvious yes. What they didn’t tell us was that Simone had a history of abdominal discomfort and bloody stools. We’re guessing THAT is the reason for her unwillingness to have her belly touched and “being mean.” Simone is a spicy, rude senior and she fits in nicely at the HHR ranch. 


Dallas came from a local hoarding case. He was one of a double handful of cats who were very, very sick for weeks with Calicivirus. At one point we didn't know if he would pull through! Dallas has HCM like so many of the other cardiac kitties. Dallas is only a young cat, so we hope to have as much time as possible with him. He is very much everyone in the Lifer's house's "Papa." 


Onyx! This super sweet boy came to our rescue by way of our friends at a local TNR organization. Onyx is a young man with a loving, gentle personality. On his first visit to our vet, we learned that Onyx had a grade 3 heart murmur. Last week, following a cardiac ultrasound, Onyx was diagnosed with Obstructive Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. His heart disease is considered moderate and he will require a combination of daily medications and routine ultrasounds (2-3x year) for the rest of his life.

Little Black Kitty

This little girl (a whopping 6.5 lbs) came to our shelter over a decade ago after being attacked by a dog. In all fairness, the dog was in its fenced area and Kitty repeatedly jumped the fence. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.....The owner of the house begged for help and so we trapped Kitty with plans to spay her and relocate to a barn home. Then winter came and it delayed finding a barn home for Kitt. She was so happy here with Lifer pals Mr Chow and Milo, that we just decided to let her stay. A decade later, Little Black Kitty is still pretty feral (and kept strictly indoors). We’re lucky enough to be able to get her to annual vet visits, but that is a challenge that takes 2-3 experienced volunteers. She may not be too fond of humans, but Kitt loves her feline friends here at HHR. She’s a happy girl. Please consider a donation to our HHR Lifers so that we can continue to provide these special seniors with the home they deserve.


Waffles is a wonderful senior who has HCM like so many of our cardiac kitties. This sweet guy came to HHR from an overcrowded shelter. He was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur and needed more diagnostics than the shelter could provide. Waffles is the sweetest boy. He loves to snuggle and he makes the silliest chirping sounds. Waffles is very vocal about how he wants his food and who he will share it with...which more often than not is no one at all. His antics makes his hospice mom laugh! 


Cutie Pie, now knows as Carl, came to HHR by way of a Siamese rescue, when his dad went to the hospital. He caught the eye of a volunteer who knew she had to make him part of the family. Carl joins his sister Cherry, running the household in his fospice home with one of our volunteers. He is his foster mom’s constant shadow and she can’t move an inch without him needing to know where she’s going. He loves lounging in the sun and getting the zoomies. He is perfect, regardless of the severe heart disease he has.


Clara came from a high kill municipal shelter in the South. She was unhappy and overweight. Once we got her cleaned up... she ended up having an eye enucleation and our old nemesis, HCM, like so many of our other cardiac cats. Her case is quite severe, and she doesn't make it easy to medicate, but we have finally gotten into a good routine that's satisfactory for all of us. Clara is beyond sassy and quite feisty. We are glad she's with us!